If You’ve Been Wondering Where the Metaverse Is, Xydrobe Has the Answer

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Xydrobe, famously known for creating the hyper-realistic Harry Styles and JW Anderson cardigan NFT, is launching the world's first retail space for a virtual luxury shopping experience. The London-based company is making Web3 an accessible and tangible reality through an innovative and ground-breaking system that allows shoppers to experience fashion brands' most immersive digital worlds outside computer screens.

The xydrobe universe will be accessed inside a physical, one-person portal called "xydrobes" (pronounced "zai-drobes"), available in hand-selected locations globally. Designed to be visually mesmerising and highly sense stimulating, the xydrobes transport one to the Metaverse through stunning VR visuals, scent, temperature, wind and sound effects. This thought-provoking and dazzling creative platform will allow fashion houses to story-tell their brand's DNA and present their latest collections like they have never done before.

Taking luxury shopping from predictable to astonishing, Xydrobe is pioneering in the fashion industry with this ultimate phygital shopping experience. Extraordinary partnerships are yet to be announced and will include luxury brands across fashion, beauty and accessories. "Forget what you know about VR and what we believe we know today of Web3, we are here to change perceptions and change the way people shop luxury products for good. We as a team, and as a company believe in the power that extraordinary experience has on how we shop more consciously and with greater satisfaction. This is only the start," said Nell Lloyd Malcolm, xydrobe CEO, in the press release.

Officially opening in 2023, you can now register at Xydrobe's official website to be the first to access the future of shopping.