I’ve Been a Cat Mom for 15 Years, and These $13 Deshedding Gloves Prevent Fur Balls from Piling Up in My House

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They capture loose hair before it gets on my clothes and furniture

<p>People / Amazon</p>

People / Amazon

Being a pet owner is one of life's greatest experiences. But the shedding that comes with it? Not so much.

I've been a cat mom for the past 15 years, and two of my precious fur babies made it difficult for me to keep up with their constant shedding. It was such an uphill battle until a friend told me about this game-changing grooming tool for cats and dogs.

The Delomo Pet Grooming Gloves are essentially wearable brushes that have allowed me to groom and massage my cats while petting them. The 255 silicone grooming tips mimic the touch of the hand to provide a soothing massage, which my cat JC enjoys. With the short, soft teeth, I have effectively removed and captured loose hair, dirt, and dander, preventing all of that from ending up on my furniture and clothes. Plus, it leaves his coat shiny, soft, and sleek, making the grooming process effortless.

Delomo Pet Grooming Gloves, $13 (Save 10%)



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The efficiency of these gloves is truly impressive. They're made of breathable mesh fabric and have a hook-and-loop closure for an adjustable fit. The versatile design allows me to get to difficult-to-reach areas such as his tail, belly, and behind the ears.

These best-sellers easily pass through tangles without tugging at fur and cause no discomfort, and when I’m done, the hair peels off pretty easily. I’m always amazed at how much hair it removes. Over the years, all of my cats have loved the gloves, and CJ gets so excited when I put them on. He is perfectly happy to lie down and get comfortable while he gets groomed.

The gloves are fantastic for daily maintenance for your four-legged animals, regardless of hair length and type. They're also great for massaging and lathering shampoo during bath time, making it a multi-functional pet care tool necessary for all pet owners.

<p>People /  Toni Sutton Deangelico</p>

People / Toni Sutton Deangelico

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I love these gloves mainly because they work much better than anything I've ever used — and I'm not the only fan. More than 40,000 Amazon shoppers have given them a perfect rating.

“I cannot believe the amount of fur that comes off my cats. Far more effective than my vinyl brush,” one customer wrote, adding, "I have already seen a reduction in fur balls flying around the house.”

Another shopper, who uses the gloves on their cats and dogs, shared, “Not only do they help clean them off when they've gotten themselves into anything, [but] they also love the good scratch that it gives their backs.” A final reviewer called them a “life saver” in the bath when it came to giving their puppy a good scrubbing.

Head to Amazon now to pick up the Delomo Pet Grooming Gloves while they’re on sale for $13.

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