VANITY TOUR: Ming Lee Simmons on Life After Graduation, Being Dubbed an "It" Girl and Lessons From Mom Kimora Lee Simmons

Ming Lee Simmons has truly come of age.


The former child star, who recently graduated from New York University, is taking control of her life and embracing adulthood with full force. Although she is the daughter of global icon Kimora Lee Simmons, Ming is not resting on the laurels of her family's success – she has her own identity and her own mind.


In this special edition of Vanity Tour, Ming sat down with Hypebae Beauty for a candid conversation about life. From navigating the challenges of growing up in the public eye to pursuing her passions and interests, Ming shares her insights and experiences with remarkable grace and maturity beyond her years.
It's clear that Ming is a formidable force to be reckoned with, and we can't wait to see what she will achieve next.


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Ming Lee Simmons AAPI NYU Graduation Kimora Lee Simmons

Now that you've graduated from NYU, what is next from Ming? What are some post-grad plans you have in the works?


Honestly, I’ve been juggling school and work for so long that I’m really excited to be able to focus a little bit more. It feels crazy to finally be done with school; I keep telling my friends that I don’t even know what I’m supposed to do with myself. But jokes aside, I’m looking forward to traveling a bit in my immediate future.


Being able to get inspired by culture and learn more about the world and specifically my heritage is something I’m really looking forward to. After that — I’m thinking about a few things.


I’m excited to put more time into my personal brand and sharing things that I love with my community. Maybe some things I’m not ready to speak about yet. Maybe more school eventually. We’ll see.


Your mom Kimora Lee Simmons has touched on her multiethnic background saying she always felt "different" as a child. For you, growing up, how did your mom help you navigate the pressures of having a rich cultural and ethnic background?


My sister and I grew up surrounded by markers of all corners of our identity. My mom was active about immersing us in culture and appreciation for our heritage whether it was travel, exposure to art and culture. She had a bit of the immigrant mentality our grandmother had — that passion and curiosity and optimism.”

Ming Lee Simmons AAPI NYU Graduation Kimora Lee Simmons

What is the impact of having a part of your ethnicity lumped into a monolith like Asian American?


I celebrate all the elements of my identity. We were encouraged to embrace our Asian heritage and appreciate all the beautiful ways it presents itself. When I think about my identity as Asian, I feel woven together with billions of other people. I feel blessed in the same as ways I do with other facets of my ethnicity.

Ming Lee Simmons AAPI NYU Graduation Kimora Lee Simmons

You are becoming "that girl" of our generational time. Does having visible influence affect you in any way? How do you stay grounded?


It’s going to sound cliche, but my mom really does keep me grounded. She’s always hammered the value of a dollar into all of us and she’s done an amazing job of supporting us while also doing her best to make us aware of our privilege.


From a young age, I’ve had a front row seat to witnessing the importance of hard work. Piggybacking off that, I am also super aware of the strength of my name and I don’t take it for granted. I know that I need to work hard and prove myself to be able to stand on my own.

Ming Lee Simmons AAPI NYU Graduation Kimora Lee Simmons