Vanilla Ice Drives A White Ferrari

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Vanilla Ice Drives A White Ferrari
Vanilla Ice Drives A White Ferrari

Vanilla Ice is back again, baby! That’s right, the one-hit-wonder rapper of the early 90s is in the midst of trying to stage yet another career comeback. As part of his media blitz, he’s showing off his modern luxury lifestyle which includes a white Ferrari.

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That’s right, long gone is that Ford Mustang 5.0 Fox Body Robert Van Winkle used to rap about cruising around Miami in. It’s been replaced by another, much more expensive convertible, a Ferrari F8 Spider. That’s quite the upgrade, so the guy must be doing pretty well after starring on HGTV and doing a few other odd gigs in the past decade or so.

While Vanilla now has a fair number of tattoos and wears flat-brimmed hats featuring a heavily-armed Cupid (the guy seriously has one to color coordinate with every outfit), he doesn’t cruise around Miami in this ride as much as he did the 5.0. He claims the Ferrari only has “about 500 miles on it.” So, it’s not getting that much use.

The man said he got to watch the F8 Spider, which wears Avorio or “Ivory” in Italian, get built in Maranello. That must’ve been quite the experience, although he laughs in the video about being told he couldn’t film anything using his phone. He probably thought it was going to make for great YouTube content for his channel. Too bad he didn’t get to film the ducks swimming through the engine room, that would’ve been something.

Just don’t expect some updated song from Vanilla Ice about “rolling in my Ferrari F8 Spider” anytime soon. While he seems to like the car, he’s not obsessed with it. Also, he hasn’t dropped an album since 2011’s W.T.F. so is he even a rapper at this point?

Anyway, check out the Ferrari F8 video, it’s short and interesting.

Image via YouTube