Vanessa Hudgens’ Future In-Laws! Meet Fiance Cole Tucker’s Family, Including Parents and Siblings

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Vanessa Hudgens is going to gain a loving family when she marries fiancé Cole Tucker. Keep reading to find out more about the minor league baseball player's parents and siblings. 

Who Are Cole Tucker's Parents?

His dad Jackie Tucker and mom Erin raised their family in Phoenix, Arizona. Cole is mixed race, as his father is Black, and his mother is white. They cheered on their eldest son as he played for Mountain Pointe High School's baseball team and were even in the stands when Cole hit his first major league home run.

Cole was called up to play in his first professional Major League Baseball game for the Pittsburgh Pirates versus the San Francisco Giants on April 20, 2019, and only found out the night before. Erin was with her son in Indianapolis when he got the call just after they returned from dinner. While the team put Cole on a plane to Pittsburgh, Erin drove six hours through the night to make it to the stadium.

Jackie was at home in Phoenix at the time and got the call at 11 p.m. on a Friday night that his son would be making his MLB debut the following day. He hopped on the first flight out of Phoenix to Pittsburgh the next morning, arriving at PNC Park 45 minutes before the game's first pitch was thrown and joined Erin in the stands.

After two strikes, Cole blasted a two-run homer in the bottom of the fifth inning for his first career hit, and it ended up putting the Pirates over the top in a 3-1 victory over the Giants.

A Fox Sports reporter later joined Jackie and Erin in the stands to get their reaction and Cole's mom gushed, “I’m usually pretty composed but I lost it … Both of us went crazy,” about Cole's home run while Jackie called the moment "surreal." Neither of Cole's parents got any sleep in their dash to see their son in his first MLB appearance and couldn't have been prouder of their child.

Cole has said how thankful he is for his parent's support. “My mom and dad have helped me with everything," he explained in a May 2019 MLB profile video. He added, “Our parents and our families are so influential in us getting to this point, so all credit goes to them for their love and support.”

Cole Tucker Family
Cole Tucker Family

Who Are Cole Tucker's Siblings?

The athlete has two brothers. Quinn Tucker is a photographer and filmmaker according to his Instagram account. Cole's younger brother, Carson Tucker, is also a baseball player. He was chosen in the first round of the 2020 Major League Baseball draft by the Cleveland Guardians. Cole himself was a first round pick in the 2014 MLB Draft by the Pirates and was able to help his little brother with the long process.

“It can be pretty busy and frustrating sometimes with scouts calling you and being busy with that,” Carson told MLB news in a June 2020 interview. “But having him and my family — my family’s been through it, obviously — work with me definitely helped me through that.”

For his part, Cole has called Carson his “favorite player” in the MLB, telling’s Adam Berry, “I’m just trying to be as much a part of the process as I can and putting my big-brother hat on and also putting my baseball-player hat on, just because I have a lot of experience with the process."