Vanessa Bryant Made Sure Kobe Bryant's Last 'Epoca' Book Was '100% In Line' With His Values, Author Says

Before his death, Kobe Bryant worked with author Ivy Claire on the fantasy book series “Epoca.” After his passing, his wife Vanessa stepped in to make sure the story wrapped up in a way that continued his legacy. "I think she initially wanted to make sure that in case we don't do any more of these books, that the final chapter is something that is 100 percent in line with the ethics of his family, his moral values,” Ivy told Access Hollywood’s Mario Lopez. “She really wanted to make sure that the ending was something that was going to satisfy him. What she was able to in the few months after losing her husband and child, and to be able to dig into a book, it's extraordinary." Ivy also talked to Mario about working with Kobe and how important diversity was while creating the series.