Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Finale: Most Explosive Moments

Lala Kent in Vanderpump Rules
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Well, the Vanderpump Rules Season 11 finale is here, and it’s … stressful! The episode was pretty maddening to watch, and definitely explains why Bravo gave production a break. The cast is at each other’s throats, and their obvious frustrations with each other kept boiling over.

This season has been a bit of a slog at times. The separate water AND sandwich tastings were a new low. But the finale certainly amped things up. That’s not even counting the fight where someone threw a chair at Tom Sandoval, which was only in Peacock’s extended version.

While we’re still recovering from the episode, titled “Plot Twist”, here are the most explosive moments from the Pump Rules Season 11 finale that raised our blood pressure.

Katie versus Brock

Say what you will about Katie Maloney, but the girl is consistent. All season long, she’s had Ariana Madix’s back. In the episode, she defended Ariana’s new boyfriend, Daniel Wai, as “sweet” when Lala Kent called him “a square”. And Katie, who never got along with Sandoval, also fought back against his redemption arc.

Katie once again reminded people that this wasn’t a one-time thing. He didn’t make a mistake, but rather consistent choices, she argued. Brock Davies, who claims to be Switzerland but is obviously Team Sandoval, fought back. In return, Katie essentially told Brock he doesn’t even go here.

Ariana’s Meredith Marks moment

Ariana and Tom Schwartz have (surprisingly) gotten along fine in recent episodes. But he pushed her buttons by, naturally, defending his fellow Tom.

When Schwartz tried to argue Sandoval just did “a sh*tty thing”, Ariana wouldn’t have it. Schwartz clarifying “a very sh*tty thing” didn’t help.

Lala may quote Meredith Marks’ “disengaging” catchphrase. But in this scene, Ariana gave us Meredith energy. We had “You! Can! LEAVE!” flashbacks. It wouldn’t be the only time Schwartz got that kind of pushback.

Schwartz and Jo confront Katie

Jo Wenberg in Pump Rules Season 11
Photo Credit: Bravo/YouTube

We all knew this wouldn’t go over well. While it wasn’t quite as explosive as her fight with Rachel Leviss at SUR last year, Katie was never going to make peace with Jo Wenberg. A visibly nervous Jo clearly knew this.

Jo apologized, but Katie refused to do the same. She dismissed Jo as “weird” much to Lala’s dismay. The two had a fight about Jo moving in on (and with) Schwartz. Jo brought up her “Bieber loves you” text. Then she tried to argue it was fine because they were never friends. Katie insisted that, “as a woman”, Jo should’ve been more considerate. She also repeatedly told Jo to stay somewhere else instead of with Schwartz.

Jo, who accuses Katie of “ganging up” on her in the reunion trailer, left in tears. Katie also snapped at Schwartz, telling him they wouldn’t have a friendship if he acts this way.

Ariana breaks the fourth wall and walks out

For some reason, producers and the cast insisted that Sandoval and Ariana needed to have an on-camera sit down. In the guise of Sandoval apologizing to Ariana. Scheana Shay certainly pushed Ariana’s boundaries to try and make it happen. I’m not sure why this was necessary, since Stassi Schroeder refused to be in the same room as Jax Taylor for literal years. Ariana clearly agreed with me, and fought a producer over it.

While Lala accused Ariana of not being authentic on camera (more on this later), Sandoval’s ex made her feelings very clear. From her perspective, Sandoval was the inauthentic one. Breaking the fourth wall, Ariana refused to let Sandoval put on a show for the audience. She probably had flashbacks to Sandoval’s sitdown with Kristen Doute in Season 3.

She referred to herself as “the final boss” in Sandoval’s redemption arc, and told producers she wouldn’t be a cog in their wheel. She even accused Sandoval of putting her health at risk by cheating, potentially exposing her to an STD. Then she walked out and went to Applebee’s.

Sandoval’s mask slips

Sandoval instantly proved that he was not about to apologize to Ariana. Dejected, he began throwing a tantrum. He screamed that she’s “performative” (wouldn’t forcing a sit down with him be more performative?) and “lazy” (the woman with a million jobs, really?).

He also riled up Scheana and Lala by claiming Ariana “talked sh*t” about them. This was clearly his goal, as he walked that statement back afterwards on Watch What Happens Live. And it certainly worked, leading up the the next explosive moment.

Lala’s long-awaited Ariana rant

When Lala’s “suddenly she becomes God” rant appeared in the Season 11 trailer, she said it was taken out of context. Later, she claimed the audience would agree with her. Now that we’ve seen it, that line certainly was not taken out of context. Whether the audience agrees with her? You tell me.

Lala unleashed months’ worth of frustrations (and maybe jealousy) in the Vanderpump Rules Season 11 finale. Though she acted like Ariana’s friend to her face, this rant made it clear she can’t stand the post-Scandoval Ariana. She once again brought up the living situation. And she even scolded Ariana for moving on so fast.

The rant continued into Lala’s confessionals. Watching this together at the reunion will certainly be interesting! No wonder their friendship is over.

Another Bravo hot mic moment

Everyone loves a Bravo hot mic moment. When producers called cut, Schwartz seemingly referred to Lala’s rant as a plot twist. Sandoval, laughing, remarked, “I love it. It’s good for me”. Was Sandoval admitting that he never intended to apologize to Ariana? Was he celebrating getting Lala and Scheana on his side? What a way to end the season that was set up as his redemption arc.

Sandoval tried to explain away his words on WWHL. But, like other hot mic moments from over the years, it sure seemed like he was telling on himself. In a season where too much was given away ahead of time, this was actually a surprise, and likely the titular plot twist.

Now, we wait to see how the rest of the cast will react when they watch it together at the Vanderpump Rules Season 11 reunion.

Vanderpump Rules is available to stream on Peacock.


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