Vanderlay Releases New Single ‘Triumph and Disaster’

Vanderlay New Album
Photo Credits: Ilaria O’Brien

Folk singer-songwriter based in Melbourne, Vanderlay released a new single titled ‘Triumph and Disaster.’ The track has amazing songwriting, and the lyrics of the song are sure to touch the core of one’s heart. The vocals used for the song make the listeners keep coming back to the song and the unconventional structure of the song takes the listeners to a whole different atmosphere.

Caspar Conrick, commonly known as Vanderlay said the following about the track ‘Triumph and Disaster’: “The song is the internal battle, the dialogue with oneself when trying to process or alter circumstance. It comes to a head, a point where everything must be laid out before you and examined without bias. The findings and the process are found to be one and the same: triumph and disaster.”

Vanderlay – ‘Triumph and Disaster’

The recording of this beautiful melody took place at The Aviary Studios situated in Abbotsford, Melbourne. Fraser Montgomery helped in the recording of the song. The song has been mastered by Adam Dempsey and the mixing of the song has been done by Montgomery.

Besides music, Vanderlay also takes an interest in photography as tthe singer says: “I believe success in both song writing and photography hinges on being an active and curious participant in the world.”

The song has been written and sung by Casper himself. Since he started his journey in this field he has had a huge number of listeners who are very loyal to his creativity and has also accomplished a lot. He has performed at Grampians Grape Escape, Nightjar Festival in Torquay and also at a headline show at Northcote Social Club in order to celebrate the release of their previous EP.

You can listen to the new single here.

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