Van Jones Welcomes Child to 'Consciously Co-Parent' With Friend

Image via Getty/Dimitrios Kambouris
Image via Getty/Dimitrios Kambouris
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Van Jones has welcomed his third child to the world after a decision to become “conscious co-parents” with a longtime friend.

Speaking with TMZ, the political commentator and activist explained that he and his friend—who sources say is named Noemi Zamacona—decided to have a child together since it was something they both were wanting.

“After the COVID lockdown, I got clear that I wanted another kid,” Jones said. “I discovered that my friend Noemi also wanted a baby. So, we decided to join forces and become conscious co-parents. It’s a concept that I hope more people will explore and consider. This month we welcomed to Earth a baby girl, whom we will raise as co-parenting partners. This is a special time for our families. I feel grateful, joyful and blessed.”

Zamacona and Jones reportedly have a shared interest in criminal justice advocacy, and came to the decision over a meal together, in what a source is calling “a very modern arrangement” where they aren’t “a couple, but they are a team that wants to raise a kid together.” Jones has two kids from a pervious marriage, and his Twitter bio starts with the word “DAD” in all caps, so it’s clear he’s very proud of that role.

“As we create a safe and loving environment for this blessed young soul, I respectfully ask for privacy,” Jones said. “Thank you for all the love and support.”

Back in September, Jones shot down rumors that he was dating Kim Kardashian—which began circulating after tabloids noted their shared criminal justice reform connection.

“I never made any comments about the rumors of me and Kim Kardashian dating as I found it absurd,” Jones eventually told Page Six of the rumors, later adding, “It was flattering for me, but it probably wasn’t flattering for her.”

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