Valve CEO says brain-computer interfaces are the future of gaming

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Valve CEO Gabe Newell believes that brain-computer interfaces, or BCI, will be the next great evolution in video games. The CEO revealed that Valve is currently working on brain-computer interface software that can be applied to headsets, which can then monitor the wearer’s brain signals. To put it simply: a BCI device is able to read your mind. Even beyond video games, this raises a ton of questions, but Newell believes that any developer that isn’t investing in BCI risks being left behind. If a developer can see when players are shocked, scared, angry or frustrated at certain points of a game, that’s a lot of valuable information for future products. Newell also spoke about how BCI software could make you “editable” . BCIs receive signals from the brain but they may also be able to send signals, as well. Theoretically, this means that you could use a BCI to spark good feelings or even eliminate your fear of clowns. BCI technology is still far away from being invasive or replacing our organic brains any time soon