V Can’t Get Through to the Other Side in Melancholic ‘Blue’ Video

v-blue-music-video.jpg v-blue-music-video - Credit: Youtube

Despite his best efforts, V just can’t get through to the other side in the music video for “Blue.” The greyscale visual follows the BTS member as he pounds on the door of an apartment and drives frantically around the city, growing more impatient with each unanswered knock and phone call.

Running out of options, V searches beneath potted plants for a spare key before driving around and returning to the same unopened door when he doesn’t find whoever it is he’s been looking for. When an unsuspecting security guard turns a corner to see him standing there, the man quickly retreats to wherever he came from, not wanting to get involved in whatever is going on here.

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In the end, he’s left sitting on a swing set, wallowing in his melancholy. In the background, someone releases a small dog from a leash to run towards the singer, but the narrative ends there. The visual pairs well with the moody song, both reflecting core themes from the era of R&B he pulls from on the record. That blues sound appears across Layover, V’s recently released debut solo album.

“Jazz and classical are my favorite genres, so I think I always had the desire to try making it myself. It was the music that I grew up listening to. Whenever I had free time, or when there was a break between my work, I tended to go back to those styles. I felt a sense of comfort while listening to them,” V recently told Rolling Stone. “I really hope that listeners of this album will also take it as an opportunity to reflect on their lives, think about their goals, and take some moments of rest wherever they need.”

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