Utah Governor Signs Bill Requiring All Cell Phones Sold in State Block Porn

Jose Martinez
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Utah governor Spencer Cox signed a bill Tuesday which would require porn filters on all cell phones and tablets sold in the state, The Associated Press reports.

Supporters of the proposal called these restrictions a necessary step in helping parents prevent their children from accessing explicit online content, especially at a time where kids are more likely to have their own phone. While critics have argued that this measure strips people of their First Amendment right to free speech. The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Susan Pulishper, said parents can take the filter off, but could you imagine how a kid would even start up that type of conversation.

The bill seems to amount to a slap on the wrist for manufacturers. Each violation comes with a $10 fine with a cap of $500. While Cox considered himself to be sending an “important message” by signing this bill, it’s likely headed nowhere since five other states would need to pass similar laws in order to take effect.

As ridiculous as this measure may appear, it wasn’t the worst piece of legislation that Cox signed this week. According to KSTU, the Utah governor signed a bill making it the latest state to end their mask mandate on April 10. The bill’s sponsor Rep. Paul Ray appallingly referred to it as the COVID-19 “endgame,” saying, “the combination of vaccinations and recovered cases have brought our numbers down and it’s time to start moving forward.”

The state will still require masks to be worn in school, and for gatherings with more than 50 people.

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