This Is Us Sneak Peek: Beth Highly Approves of Randall's Fly New Look

Beth Pearson, you saucy little minx!

Randall’s better half wanders into their bedroom while he’s prepping for Kevin’s bachelor party on tonight’s This Is Us (NBC, 9/8c). And in the exclusive sneak peek above, she makes it clear that she highly approves of the gear Kev has procured for all of the attendees.

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“I’ve gotta admit: I am very into Lumberjack Randall,” she says, giving him the once-over as he corrects her that he’s Fisherman Randall, thanks to the fly-fishing accoutrements he’s trying on. Undeterred, she gently teases him about whether or not they’ll hire strippers for the event and “Put the ‘oh!’ back in Pocono?”

A highly amused Randall counters that the party consists of Kevin, Miguel, Nicky, Toby and himself, which is not exactly a recipe for manly hijinks. Then we get an update on Beth’s plans to travel to California with Déja, Tess and Annie for Madison’s bachelorette party, after which Randall will fly out and meet them for the rapidly approaching wedding.

And then, things heat up a bit as Beth and Randall — who are already at peak flirt — tip into turn-off-the-lights mode… and she makes a very specific request re: his new fly-fishing attire.

Press PLAY on the video above to watch Mr. and Mrs. Pearson being their couple-goals selves, then hit the comments: How do you think Kevin’s bachelor party is going to play out?

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