'This Is Us' Fans "Can't Wait to Watch" After the Cast Reveal a Surprise Reunion

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This Is Us fans, you're going to want to pay attention to this piece of news. The Pearsons are getting back together, and it's in a way you'll be excited to know about.

Just two months after Mandy Moore teased a new project with her former This Is Us co-stars Sterling K. Brown and Chris Sullivan, the trio surprised fans by reuniting for a rewatch podcast, aptly titled That Was Us. The new venture will see the group break down all 106 episodes of the series, detailing behind-the-scenes moments and nuggets of how each one approached every installment they filmed. What's more, the podcast created its own Instagram account, with the social team posting the news that the first episode is out for viewers to listen to and watch on YouTube.

"It’s time!" read the caption of a video clip with the cast talking about the pilot. "Watch the first episode of #ThatWasUs on YouTube.💛."

When fans learned that Mandy, Sterling and Chris would be taking a walk down This Is Us memory lane, they immediately got nostalgic thinking about what's to come.

"I (re) watched episode one of the show and then right to the podcast on YT! I plan to do this weekly for the next 106 weeks! I LOVED it! ❤️," one person exclaimed. "How exciting is this! 😍😍😍🥹🥹🥹 Haven't watched yet, but I'm already emotional. You have my heart! ❤️," another penned. "Can’t wait to watch this when I get home tonight." a different follower added.

While folks will need to wait and see if any of the group's other cast members join them in the studio, Mandy shared with People why she's so excited to be rewatching a show that she holds close to her heart.

"It’s been such a thrill to rewatch this series. The cast and the writers are just so incredibly talented that each episode has copious amounts of takeaways," she explained to the outlet. "There’s obviously a lot of excitement in reigniting conversations that meant a lot to fans as well as excitement in reuniting and reminiscing."

"But what I’m seeing as we rewatch, is that my viewing perspective has shifted and it’s like watching it all unfold for the first time," she added. "It’s been eight years since This Is Us premiered, and I’ve lived a lot of life since then. I’m now a mom with two little boys and so I’m excited to rewatch all the episodes and rediscover the stories from a new perspective."

Looks like we'll need to take our tissue boxes out once again!

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