Universal Orlando Just Shared A Prediction About E.T. Adventure And Twitter That 100% Panned Out

 ET marvels over a tablet in the 2019 Xfinity Christmas Ad.
ET marvels over a tablet in the 2019 Xfinity Christmas Ad.

There are a lot of things you can count on with theme parks, and change is definitely one of them. It happens when destinations like Universal Orlando try to keep things nice and fresh after over 30 years of operation. Yet despite plans for everything new coming to Universal, the park has had enough faith to keep the E.T. Adventure, an opening day attraction from 1990, running.

The infamously snarky social media team for Universal’s Florida destination once even predicted that the ride would outlast Twitter, and they recently cashed in on that prophecy. Using the very platform being referenced, these jokesters are roasting the rebranding campaign that changed the app's name to X.

That prediction did come true, albeit with a bit of an asterisk. Still, a win’s a win, and here’s how the Orlando theme park let everyone know they won:

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As far as rebranding roasts come, Universal Orlando has flame broiled other targets with harsher digs. One of the best examples is Universal’s reaction to HBO Max’s name change, provided that you’re staying in the realm of non-theme park business. Meanwhile on that home turf of rides and restaurants, roasting Disney’s park reservation policy is another greatest hit in the archives of antagonism.

Though turning our attention to the E.T. Adventure attraction, it’s kind of a miracle that it’s still running in Universal’s Florida location. Maybe it just seems that way after the adjacent KidZone area’s demolition, which has paved the way for Universal Orlando’s new Dreamworks land similarly geared towards youngsters. Even the new Minions themed land taking the place of Shrek 4D has changed the landscape of Orlando’s competition to Walt Disney World in a way that has left some nostalgic for the past.

Universal Parks and Resorts’ social media team may have highlighted E.T. Adventure’s endurance as a small dig at Twitter’s rebrand, but it does bring up a good point. For a movie that hasn’t had any sequels, spin-offs, or remakes to take up what could be prime real estate for a fresh ride that wows the crowd is something to actually celebrate. Though it's not as if there was a lack of trying as Steven Spielberg almost made a wild E.T. sequel that would have pushed things into a very un-family friendly atmosphere.

While it's unknown how long E.T. Adventure will be around to delight visitors, that brief question of mortality doesn't matter for now. In the moment, Universal Orlando called its shot, it turned out to be absolutely correct, and is now spinning some laughs out of the matter. It might even be enough to console those mourning the legacy show closures that are making way for the new Fast & Furious rollercoaster at Universal Hollywood.

So if you want to ride E.T. Adventure at Universal Orlando, it's still waiting for you. Though don't mind the construction walls that you can spot in that area of the park. For now, they do not toll for Steven Spielberg's iconic creation.