An Unimpressed Blue Ivy Carter Is Our Favorite Blue Ivy Carter

Zagat needs to hire Blue Ivy Carter, because, at the age of 4, the girl has opinions about dining out.

Beyoncé shared a series of new family photos from the Carter family’s trip to New York City in June. The trio, which also included Jay Z, dined al fresco at a spot with stunning views of the Statue of Liberty, where they were presented with a cupcake wheel and given orange peels that were so long they could double as belts. Our favorite Carter, however, did not seem impressed with the situation.

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What could have been troubling her: The venue? Cheap oil and vinegar? The fact that Lady Liberty could barely be seen on that hazy day? Mom’s lack of glittery accessories? The fact that Hova got to wear his shades during the meal, but she had to take hers off?

Oh, we know — maybe that she appears to be seated at a table by herself.

Cupcakes with flowers? How original, sniffed our favorite mini fashionista. (Photo: Instagram)

Oh, it doesn’t really matter what’s causing Blue Ivy’s picture-perfect expression of disapproval. Frown or smile, we love the kid in all her sparkly, overaccessorized fabulousness. We also appreciate that, although not even 5, she can hold her own — whether she’s at a restaurant with her billionaire parents or making her red carpet debut (another highlight of this NYC trip).

The Carters, who have been all over the world this year for Bey’s Formation tour, were off the coast of Sardinia earlier this week on a chartered superyacht, the Galactica Star. Let’s hope that the luxury liner came up to Blue’s standards.