Unforgettable WB Hunks: Where Are They Now? Joshua Jackson, Scott Speedman, Wesley Jonathan and More

Hello, handsome! The WB was a teenager’s dream network before it became The CW in 2006, giving fans a ton of eye candy to look at on all of its hit series. From Summerland and Supernatural to What I Like About You and Charmed, The WB was all about bringing the hottest actors to the forefront, and fans won’t soon forget the hunky men that used to grace their TV screens on the channel. Joshua Jackson, who played Pacey Witter on Dawson’s Creek for six seasons, is well-aware that fans are still interested in what happened to his character after the show ended. In fact, he revealed where he thinks Pacey and onscreen girlfriend Joey Potter (Katie Holmes) would be today during a July 2021 interview. “She went to Paris, he followed her, they went and had a beautiful European life for a little while and then ultimately moved home a couple kids later,” the Dr. Death actor told E!’s Daily Pop at the time. “I’m all about marriage and love right now so yeah, I want this story to be a good story.” Milo Ventimiglia was part of a WB love triangle when he portrayed Jess Mariano on Gilmore Girls in the early 2000s. In September 2021, the This Is Us star reflected on his character’s relationship with Alexis Bledel’s Rory Gilmore, saying things were “complicated” between the two. “I think Jess and Rory are what they needed at the moment from each other, at the same time, it didn't work out. They went in different directions and that’s OK too. That’s kind of great,” Ventimiglia said during an appearance on the “I Am All In” podcast. “I think what I did always appreciate about the two of them [was] outside of what anybody wanted to put onto those two, they kind of made their own world, and I think that's pretty cool.” He added: “I think Jess and Rory really kind of found their own world. And it lasted beyond them romantically as teenagers to where they had an actual friendship as young adults.” Barry Watson, who played Matt Camden on 7th Heaven, had women swooning over him from afar and on set. He exclusively told Us Weekly in October 2021 what it was like having costars Jessica Biel and Beverley Mitchell, who played his sisters Mary and Lucy, crushing on him while filming. “I think they were always, sort of, lingering around my trailer. I’d walk out and they [would] just, like, pretend [that] they weren’t really there,” the Highway to Heaven star recalled. “I don’t think I thought about it at the time. I think years ago, you know, they had joked to me about it or whatever. And I’ve joked back, [saying], ‘Well, I’m sure you still have a crush on me,’ or something. But I think at the time I didn’t really think about that.” Scroll down for a trip down memory lane — and to see where the hunkiest WB stars are now: