The Undertaker: I Won’t Bring The Hat And Coat Back, That’s Gone

The Undertaker
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The Undertaker makes it clear that he’s never bringing back the hat and coat, as his previous persona is gone.

In an interview with Ariel Helwani for BT Sport, The Undertaker looked back on his on-screen moment with Bray Wyatt at WWE RAW XXX on January 23. He noted that he was happy to work with Wyatt because he appreciates the way the former Universal Champion understands storytelling.

“They just kind of told me, they wanted me to be a part of which segment, and I was happy to be involved with him because I really enjoy his work. I know he gets that part of it, the storytelling aspect and having things make sense.”

The Undertaker went on to describe how WWE didn’t know he’d be appearing without his classic hat and coat, as they believed he would be bringing back his “Deadman” persona. Instead, he stated that the character is gone now because he has pulled back the curtain.

“They had a different vision,” The Undertaker said. “They didn’t even know that I wasn’t gonna have the hat and coat. They totally thought that I was coming [as] old Undertaker. I was like, ‘No.’ That’s part of me and the storytelling, right. When I lifted the curtain, when I lifted it back and pulled it back, then that’s gone. It’s gone now.

Helwani asked if he’s done with that character now, and the legend responded by saying, “I won’t bring the hat and coat back out.”

When asked to explain his mindset, The Undertaker noted that his previous returns to the character were prompted by a substantial event in a storyline, which helped him get back into the persona. He noted that now, having done The Last Ride, an A&E Biography, and multiple one-man shows, he doesn’t think he can bring the character back.

“When I went to the American Badass earlier, there was kind of an event that happened,” he said. “I went away, I was injured, and then I came back, and I had that new presentation. Then the same thing when I went away again, which was something really big that kind of put me back into that old-school Undertaker kind of mindset.

“With me, now that people know that I can talk and that I have actual thoughts that aren’t revolved around digging holes and taking souls, I think that character will live forever in our memory, but I don’t think that I can bring it back after The Last Ride, after the A&E Biography, after doing all these shows, I just don’t think it works.”

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