‘Under the Bridge’ Is Barreling Toward Its End

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‘Under the Bridge’ Is Barreling Toward Its EndHULU
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Mark your calendars, because we have less than a week until the finale of Under the Bridge. Sadly, that means we’ll have to say goodbye to Lily Gladstone, Riley Keough, and the talented actors who portrayed Reena Virk and her friends. That said, the finale is expected to deliver some reprieve as the Virk family finds justice for their daughter.

Honestly? It’s about time. Since the series premiered, we’ve slowly watched the mystery unfold. Under the Bridge chronicles Reena Virk’s death and disappearance, which made headlines in 1997. Each episode has pushed us closer to understanding not only how Virk died by why. Next week, the people responsible for her death will have to face the consequences.

If you’re familiar with the true story that inspired Under the Bridge, then you know what’s coming. If not, you’re in for a chilling surprise. Either way, consider the finale appointment viewing. With its complex message and award-worthy performances, Under the Bridge excels at challenging viewers to confront their own biases and contemplate what justice really means. Below, you’ll find instructions on how to watch it. It’s not too late to catch up before the finale on May 29.

Where Can I Watch Under the Bridge?

Under the Bridge is available exclusively on Hulu. The series premiered on April 17. If you don’t have access to a Hulu account, consider this your sign to get one. Trust us—this show is worth shelling out for.

How Many Episodes Are There?

Under the Bridge is eight episodes long. Since its debut, a new episode has dropped each week. The finale will be available to stream on May 29.

Episode 1: “Looking Glass” (April 17)

Episode 2: “The John Gotti of Seven Oaks” (April 17)

Episode 3: “Blood Oath” (April 24)

Episode 4: “Beautiful British Columbia” (May 1)

Episode 5: “When the Heat Comes Down” (May 8)

Episode 6: “In Water They Sink as the Same” (May 15)

Episode 7: “Three and Seven” (May 22)

Episode 8: “Mercy Alone” (May 29)

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