The Uncharted movie finally finishes filming— after more than a decade in development

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The 'Uncharted' Movie Finally Finished Filming— After More Than A Decade In Development

Twelve years and several directors later, the tom holland-starring ‘Uncharted’ has finished production.

The seemingly impossible actually happened, something that even just a year ago felt like a dream scenario: the Uncharted movie has finished filming. For a normal Hollywood blockbuster, this would be just your typical day-to-day update. But for a project that began development in 2008, it's a big deal.

Here's a quickie look at the timeline of Uncharted.

In an interview with gaming site Kotaku, published in October 2008, producer Avi Arad mentioned he was working on a big-screen adaptation of the popular Uncharted videogames, which focus on the global adventures of charismatic treasure hunter Nathan Drake. By 2010, it was revealed that David O. Russell — who would go on to direct Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle — was tapped to helm this ship. That same year, Mark Wahlberg confirmed talks to take on the starring role of Nathan.

That brings us to 2011, when Russell dropped off the project to direct Silver Linings Playbook and was replaced with Divergent director Neil Burger. This would not be the last director swap. Seth Gordon (Baywatch), Shawn Levy (Free Guy), Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane), and Travis Knight (Bumblebee) were all attached to helm the effort at one point.

Clay Enos/Columbia Pictures

Multiple director shifts, script rewrites, and re-castings brings us to 2020. Uncharted, now directed by Venom's Ruben Fleischer, has been revamped to focus on a much younger Nathan, played by Tom Holland, and Wahlberg is now playing Sully, Nathan's mentor and longtime friend. The story will have something to do with famed explorer Ferdinand Magellan and feature characters played by Antonio Banderas, Truth or Dare's Sophia Ali, and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina's Tati Gabrielle.

On Thursday, the official social media channels for Uncharted announced that filming had officially wrapped — in the middle of a pandemic no less.

The news comes with the tease "Sic Parvis Magna," which is the Latin inscription on Nathan's ring in the games. The character, believed to be descendant of explorer Sir Francis Drake, says it means "greatness from small beginnings," but it literally translates as "so great and small."

COVID-19 willing, the film will be released in theaters on July 16, 2021. Meanwhile, Holland is off to Atlanta to make the next Spider-Man movie.

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