Unbelievable Amazon sale slashes smart plugs with 52K 5-star ratings to $3.50

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There’s one particular smartphone deal that BGR Deals readers have been swarming Amazon to take advantage of. It’s a sale that offers a terrific discount on what might very well be the single most popular type of smart home device out there. We adore smart locks and other great smart home gadgets like the MyQ that lets you control your garage door from your smartphone or even your voice — which, by the way, is on sale for just $29.98 with an opportunity to get a $40 Amazon credit thanks to the Amazon Key promo discussed on the product page. But there’s something else that’s a far simpler addition to any smart home and right now, Amazon is offering a deal you won’t want to miss.

Everyone likely knows at this point that we’re talking about smart plugs, and Amazon is running an incredible limited-time sale on Gosund Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plugs, which happen to be among the best-selling smart plugs on Amazon’s entire site. Not only are they on sale right now… there are three separate discounts that combine to slash them to a new all-time low price!

Gosund’s wildly popular mini smart plugs aren’t just best-sellers on Amazon. They also happen to be beloved, as you’ll see if you scroll through the Amazon reviews and ratings on the product page. Nearly 52,000 Amazon shoppers like these plugs so much that they awarded the product 5 stars, and that’s no easy feat. Of course, what’s not to love when you can pick up a 4-pack for just $27.99 even at full retail price? That’s about the same price Amazon charges for just one of its own Amazon Smart Plugs!

At only $28, you’re already paying $7 per plug and that is a bargain for smart plugs as popular and reliable as Gosund Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plugs. But if you grab a 4-pack today before Amazon’s double discount disappears, you’ll only pay $3.50 per plug!

Head over to the product page and you’ll see a 20% clippable coupon right off the bat. Then when you check out, use the promo code 77KBX5Q2 and you’ll slash the price all the way down to $13.99 for a 4-pack of plugs.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just beginning to dip your toes in the smart home market or you’re a tech-savvy veteran who has been in it for years. In either case, there are a few different types of connected gadgets you definitely need in your arsenal. Smart locks are somewhere near the top of the list, of course, and you obviously have some wireless home security cameras spread around your home. If you don’t, you really should take advantage of Amazon’s sale on the hot new Wyze Cam v3. It’s so crazy that this top-rated camera with free cloud storage and a crazy new color night vision feature is on sale for just $29.98!

Smart plugs are still at the top of the list for pretty much everyone, so don’t miss this great deal. The extra promo code that slashes the price all the way down to $3.50 each in a 4-pack is scheduled to expire next week, but similar sales have sold out long before they were due to end. In other words… hurry!

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