Unbe-leaf-able! Insects Perfectly Blend in With Plant at Queensland Home

A pair of pet Australian leaf insects are proving a handful for their Queensland-based owner as their foliage-esque appearance means she “legit” almost always loses the pair “every time” she looks for them."

In a post shared by Lisa Van Kula Donovan on Instagram, the insects can be seen blending in with a plant, before being observed resting on her hand.

“These are my remaining adult female Australian leaf insects,” she said in the Instagram post.

She added, “[They’re] probably the prettiest phasmids in Australia, in my opinion.”

Van Kula Donovan, a resident of Torbanlea, Queensland, regularly shares interesting moments with her collection of arachnid and insect pets to social media.

Her Instagram account, with the apt title of wannabe_entomologist, boasts over 42,000 followers. Credit: Lisa Van Kula Donovan via Storyful