It's Here! An 'Unauthorized Full House Movie' Preview!

·Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

We’ll give this to Lifetime: If the first, less-than-a-minute preview clip rom the network’s upcoming unauthorized Full House movie is truly representative of just how cheesy the whole flick is, there is no place we’d rather be than parked in front of the tube on Aug. 22.

That’s the night The Unauthorized Full House Story premieres, and the teaser clip above promises everything you’d hope for in made-for-TV movie that pokes fun at a TGIF series in which twin toddlers and a mulleted man created a comedy hit that has not only endured, but grown in popularity over the almost 28 years since its premiere.

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Some of our favorite things about this teaser: the aforementioned hair hat of faux Uncle Jesse/John Stamos (Justin Gaston), which doesn’t quite live up to the glory of the original but does look appropriately knock-off-ish for a low-budget unauthorized telepic. Also: fake-Joey holding fake-Michelle like she’s a sack of potatoes; the lack of energy from all the actors, save, oddly, the one playing a sleepwalking Joey; fake-Stamos’s serious concerns about the unpreparedness of the baby actors; and the fact that the staircase is on the wrong side of the Tanner living room (if you’re looking at the front door on Full House, the staircase is to the right. C'mon, Unauthorized Full House Story set designers!).

Best of all: the suggestion that star Bob Saget didn’t keep his naughty stand-up comedy totally tamped down around the young'uns of the family sitcom. After fake-Saget (Garrett Brawith) suggests the fake-Olsen twins should be replaced with strippers to make for a smoother production, fake-Jodie Sweetin (Jordyn Ashley Olson) asks what a stripper is. “Hopefully a career path you will never have to follow,” quips Brawith.

Oh, fake-Saget… how rude!

The Unauthorized Full House Story premieres Aug. 22 at 8 p.m. on Lifetime.