The Ultimate Breakdown of All the Vaults in ‘Fallout’

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A Breakdown of All the Vaults in ‘Fallout’JoJo Whilden

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Whether you're new to Fallout or you know your way around a vault or two from the games, you know how important the shelters are to both the games and the TV show. But what you should also know is that there a deeper secrets behind them than what Vault-Tec originally wanted people to believe. There are some vaults that have darker stories than others, but they still will absolutely blow your mind as you learn more about them.

Here's everything you need to know about the vaults in Fallout.

Vault 33

Not only is this Lucy's home vault, but it's a special one that hasn't been seen in the games before thanks to it's connections to Vault 31 and Vault 32. The trio of vaults were interconnected in a triangle formation, so they can easily trade and work together while they were all underground. However, they also didn't really connect with one another excerpt for the occasional inter-vault wedding here and there.

Vault 33 seems to be an ideal vault for Vault-Tech as they seemed to never run out of resources, with their main crop being corn. They were originally led by Overseer Hank MacLean until he was taken by Lee Moldaver.

kyle maclachlan overseer hank
JoJo Whilden

Vault 32

While Vault 32 was connected to Vault 33, the fate of the vault isn't revealed to the other's residents until Lucy's wedding. It's discovered that the raiders led by Moldaver have officially taken over the vault. When Norm goes into the vault, he discovers that the vault seemed to have fallen two years before the raiders came. Based off a video that was playing in the vault, it is believed that it all ended up turning against each other. However, whether it is because of loss of resources or due to other sources of infighting still remains to be seen.

In the show's fifth episode, Betty, who recently was voted as Overseer, decides to move several members of Vault 33 into Vault 32 in an effort to repopulate it.

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Vault 31

In the biggest twist, it is discovered that Vault 31 was filled with Vault-Tech employees who were chosen by Bud Askins, a sales rep for Vault-Tech who cryonically froze his best employees. The other vaults would live as normal and slowly become his perfect utopia that his employees would take over once it was safe to do so. It's revealed that Hank, Stephanie, and and Betty were from Vault 31.

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Vault 4

Vault 4 is located in Shady Sands and is the only other vault that is seen in the series so far. Lucy and Maximus discover that the vault used to be run by scientists, but after their experimenting on humans went wrong, the mutants eventually took over. Many of them were refuges who were led in believing that they would be helped.

Despite its dark history, the new citizens of Vault 4 are very peaceful and tend to help others when they can. They only have one rule: don't go into Level 12. Of course, Lucy can't help but go there where she discovers the truth of the vault and is later banished. Several of them also view Moldaver as "The Flame Mother," worshipping her and believing that they will help them get their revenge.

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