Ukrainska Pravda has launched on Patreon

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You can now support Ukrainska Pravda on the Patreon crowdfunding platform.

In wartime, we at the editorial office feel acutely aware of our responsibility to provide our readers in Ukraine and abroad with truthful and timely information about what’s happening in our country. That’s why our news editors haven’t stopped working even for a minute, despite air-raid sirens, power cuts and network outages.

The demand for our work is evidenced by the number of people looking for news on the pages of our publication — in the early days of the war, Ukrainska Pravda was the second most visited website after Google.

Ukrainska Pravda employees, like other Ukrainians, have had to feel the pain that Russian soldiers have brought to our country: one has experienced occupation, one has lost their father

But we continue to work - and not only on the information front. Some of our colleagues have voluntarily joined the army or have become volunteers and, together with our readers, we are helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine financially.

Charitable contributions from our readers will help the editors to protect the team from job cuts, and make it possible to carry out more assignments (including on the front line) and to experiment with formats.

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