Ukraine's Deputy Minister of Defence Maliar: the Russians are storming on several fronts at the same time, losses are inevitable

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Hanna Maliar, Deputy Defence Minister, said that the Russians were currently storming Ukrainian positions on several fronts at the same time.

Source: Maliar on Facebook

Quote: "Currently, the situation at the front remains difficult and shows signs of worsening further.

The enemy has used all forces and means to capture the territory and encircle our troops.

The enemy is firing along the entire front line. The fighting has reached its maximum intensity. The enemy is storming the positions of our troops simultaneously on several fronts.

We have an extremely difficult and long stage ahead of us in the struggle for the complete liberation of our territories within internationally recognised borders.

We need to understand that this is a war and, unfortunately, losses on our side are inevitable. "

Details: The adviser to the Minister of Defence recalled that 8 years ago, on 26 May, 2014, the first battle for Donetsk airport took place.

According to Maliar, the whole world knows that Donetsk airport is a symbol of the invincibility of Ukrainian soldiers. Now the history of Azovstal's defence has become another.

Quote: "Both the defenders of Donetsk Airport and the defenders of Mariupol are a vivid illustration of our indomitability and desire for freedom.

These heroic episodes of the Russian-Ukrainian war should be a constant reminder to those who, in the fourth month of our struggle, are once again taking out treacherous ideas of appeasing the aggressor from the shameful ‘Munich’ drawers.

We reject this ‘powerless pacifism.’ Ukraine will fight, and Putin can save face by moving away from our territories."