Ukraine refugee Amelia performs Let It Go in three languages

Appearing on Good Morning Britain, young Ukrainian refugee Amelia gave a heart-rending performance of the Disney song that made her a viral sensation when her video was shared from the basement in which she was sheltering during the invasion of her home country.

Video Transcript


(SINGING) Let it go, let it go. I'm one with the wind and sky. Let it go, let it go. You'll never see me cry. Here I stand and here I stay, let the storm rage on.

- (SINGING) The cold never bothered me anyway.



- Well done. Oh, Amelia. That was so beautiful. No, it's absolutely brilliant. You're a superstar. What are you? You're a superstar. It's--

- Very good.

- It's so good to see you again. All the best, [? Lilia, ?] and all the best, Anna. Thank you so much. [INAUDIBLE] Thank you. Thank you for coming in.

- Thank you.

- Good luck.

- Thank you.

- Thank you.