UK Shoplifter Gets Arrested, Breaks Wind In Officer’s Face During Process

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Image via Thames Valley Police/SWNS
Image via Thames Valley Police/SWNS

A “serial shoplifter” has been imprisoned for almost three years after he farted in the face of a police officer, LADbible reports.

According to reports, Matthew Hapgood, 41, “broke wind in the officer’s face during the course of arrest” after he was caught with £33-worth of alcoholic beverages and vape products earlier this year. He subsequently pleaded guilty to a string of further offences, including robbery, shoplifting and possession of a bladed article.

Appearing at Oxford Crown Court last week Friday (Aug. 26), Judge Ian Pringle QC told the court how Hapgood had a “lengthy” history with crime, which was mostly due to the fact that he was addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Speaking with Hapgood directly, Judge Ian Pringle QC said: “You have a lengthy history, no less than 31 previous convictions for 83 offences –- all really to do with a drug or alcohol addiction, which has been with you for most of your adult life.”

Hapgood’s lawyer, Ronan McCann, concurred and said his client’s problems were linked to “long-term addiction in relation to substances.” Nevertheless, Hapgood is now serving 34 months in prison for the offences.