UK Influencers Will Have To Reveal if Their Body Has Been Retouched

·1 min read

While social media can provide visual relief after a long day in the real world, its harmful effects on young people’s self-esteem have not gone unnoticed. Following in the footsteps of Norway, the United Kingdom has passed a bill requiring influencers to disclose if they have retouched their bodies in sponsored photos.

The new law, also known as the Digitally Altered Body Image Bill, was proposed by Dr. Luke Evans to enforce more transparency in regards to edited photos. Speaking to the House of Commons, Evans says, “If someone has been paid to post a picture on social media which they have edited, or advertisers, broadcasters or publishers are making money from an edited photograph, they should be honest and upfront about it.”

With face-altering filters and retouching apps available at the average user’s fingertips, many have looked to social media to blame for promoting unrealistic and overtly Western beauty ideals. The extent to which the new bill will encourage honesty and beauty diversity has yet to be seen.