UFC Legend Royce Gracie Stays Married To Estranged Wife, Dismisses Divorce

Legendary professional MMA fighter and UFC Hall of Famer Royce Gracie is remaining a married man, and has decided to stop his divorce.

In legal documents obtained by The Blast, the MMA champion filed to dismiss his divorce petition on September 5th, and the request was confirmed the same day.

Gracie filed for divorce from his wife, Dr. Marianne Cuttic, a podiatrist in Los Angeles almost three years ago to the day.

Gracie and his wife were married in 1994, and have four children together.

When Gracie filed for divorce back in 2013, he was demanding spousal support and even wanted his ex to pay his attorney's fees. Also, at the time he was seeking legal and physical custody of his children.

Its unclear if the couple is back together, but the marriage will remain in place for now.

Royce Gracie and his wife Marianne have had financial trouble in the past, owing hundreds of thousands to the IRS in back taxes.

According to Forbes, he and his wife "settled with the government over foreign bank account penalties".

Gracie, one of the most influential fighters in MMA history, received a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2013 at the World MMA Awards.

He popularized Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the world of MMA.

In a famous fight back in 2016, Gracie came out of retirement to face UFC rival Ken Shamrock at Bellator 149. Gracie ultimately won the fight which was ruled a TKO victory.

Gracie is currently a Jiu-Jitsu instructor and his son Khonry Gracie fights in Bellator.