After Uber drama unfolds in Biloxi, rapper T-Pain brings the receipts to TikTok

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Richard Shotwell/Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

When a Biloxi Uber driver’s daughter claimed T-Pain didn’t tip during his weekend trip to the Coast, the famous rapper took to TikTok with the receipts — literally.

“My mom drove T-Pain and his lady friends around two nights in a row while Ubering,” reads the top of the post shared by the artist on the social media app. “He drank up her free minibar and didn’t tip.”

T-Pain took to social media to say the online post, which has since been deleted, is misleading and inaccurate.

In a series of TikTok videos, T-Pain said he had two days off during his tour and his wife wanted to stop at “her old air force base in Biloxi,” which his presumably Keesler Air Force Base. They also planned to visit Coast casinos, including the Hard Rock.

During their stay, T-Pain and his crew took several Uber XL trips with a driver named Mildred, presumably the mom of the person who posted claiming that T-Pain didn’t tip her and drank her minibar.

T-Pain posted a text message thread with his friends. One of them called up Uber and found they did leave her a tip and said the mini-bar was only stocked with Fireball.

Screenshots of two Uber rides show a total of $19.62 worth of rides. On that, the rider left $8 worth of tips and left two five-star reviews of the driver named Mildred.

“Look, none of that is to say Mildred was bad,” T-Pain said in his final TikTok video discussing the incident. He even said her car was pretty nice.

T-Pain just wanted to push back against the idea that celebrities treat working class people poorly and negative perceptions of rappers.

“My lady friends were my wife and my assistant,” he said in one of the videos. “So don’t try to paint this like it is just T-Pain and some b*****s riding around.”

T-Pain and his crew also took Uber rides from a driver named Nathaniel, who they tipped more than 100%, the rapper said.