Ubah Hassan Doesn’t Feel Qualified To Discuss Reality Star Unionization

Ubah Hassan
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As the writers’ and actors’ strikes continue, the call for a reality TV strike grows louder and louder. While such calls have been around for ages, Bethenny Frankel voiced them the loudest as of late and became the figurehead of the movement.

The former Real Housewives of New York star noted many of the same complaints from the writers and actors, most of all, scarce residual pay. And recently, another New York Housewife had the opportunity to comment on the idea of unionizing.

Ubah Hassan is among the increasingly popular RHONY newbies. In general, she’s seen as sweet and genuine. Although, the most recent mid-season trailer promises more chaos from the model. But in the meantime, Ubah got the chance to speak on a potential union.

Union? Bravo? Ubah tries to play both sides

In an interview with The Root, Ubah was asked for her thoughts about Bethenny’s push for unionization and striking. “Any time people are fighting for other people’s rights, it’s a good thing … We have a union, it’s benefiting other people, we all know what we’re getting ourselves into. It’s a win-win situation.”

She went on, “I get a platform … NBC is spending money for us every single day.” She went on to say that people should fight for their rights, but there’s “a way to do it without having animosity.” Ubah also acknowledged she was still new to reality TV. “I don’t have the expertise to speak about Housewives … hopefully they’re doing it for the right reasons.”

It seemed like Ubah was walking a fine line with her answer. She made it sound like she supports unions in general, but knowing she benefits from Bravo, she probably didn’t want to be too critical. But she made a good point — with a union, reality TV stars would know what they’re getting themselves into. Presently, there are too many who don’t, and they get swallowed up.

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