Tyler explains why he didn't write Carly a letter in Teen Mom OG reunion sneak peek

Kristen Baldwin
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It's been almost 12 years since Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra placed their daughter Carly for adoption. Since then, the couple's relationship with Carly's adoptive parents, Brandon and Teresa, has hit some rough patches. In EW's exclusive preview from part 2 of the Teen Mom OG reunion (airing Tuesday at 8 p.m. on MTV), Tyler explains why he chose not to write a letter to Carly this season, even though Catelynn did.

"Sometimes I don't trust my own words," he says. "I feel like whatever happens, I have to, kind of like, filter [it] through Brandon and Teresa first."

Some context for those who aren't completely caught up on Tyler and Catelynn's Teen Mom saga: When the duo placed Carly for adoption in 2009, Brandon and Teresa agreed to a semi-open adoption, meaning that they allowed Tyler and Catelynn to stay in touch with Carly, through an adoption counselor. Brandon and Teresa chose not to have Carly appear on Teen Mom, and Tyler and Catelynn have generally been able to maintain a positive relationship with their birth daughter.

Still, they've clashed with Brandon and Teresa at times, most notably back in 2015, after posting photos of Carly on social media against Brandon and Teresa's wishes.

"The baby, biologically, is yours," Teresa told them at the time. "But in every other way, she is our child, and you have to trust our decisions."

On Tuesday's reunion, Tyler says he still feels uncomfortable reaching out to his daughter through Brandon and Teresa.

"I cannot get to Carly, without going through Brandon and Teresa — respectfully, that's her parents. I agree with that," he says. "[But] it's also Brandon and Teresa's responsibility to make us approaching them feel comfortable."

Adds Catelynn, "In the snap of a finger, they can take everything away."

Still, Tyler and Catelynn have a tremendous amount of gratitude for the couple. Notes Tyler, "The only thing I can say to Brandon and Teresa is thank you for giving my daughter the life that she has."

Watch the sneak peek video above.

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