Two House Democrats cut ads for Liz Cheney in Wyoming

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Two House Democrats are urging Wyoming Democrats to switch parties in the state’s upcoming primary to boost the chances of Rep. Liz Cheney (R), one of former President Trump’s primary targets this cycle.

“You might be a little surprised that I’d be supporting Liz Cheney in her bid to continue representing Wyoming in the U.S. House, but principle must always come before politics, and nobody has shown more honor, integrity and courage than she,” said Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.) in a new ad.

“Liz Cheney and I don’t agree on everything,” said Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-N.J.) in his ad. “But we’re on the same side today fighting for a country where we settle our differences by voting, not violence.”

The ads are running on at least Facebook, and the platform indicated that they are being paid for by Wyomingites Defending Freedom and Democracy, an organization that has documented $475,000 in contributions to the Federal Elections Commission as it seeks to boost Cheney’s campaign.

Cheney is facing a tough reelection battle in next week’s Republican primary, when she will square off against the Trump-backed Harriet Hageman.

The congresswoman has drawn the ire of Trump and his allies for voting for his second impeachment and serving as the vice chairwoman of the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol.

She has been adamant in blaming Trump for the events of Jan. 6, repeatedly calling him unfit for office.

Malinowski and Phillips are the latest figures to suggest Democrats in the state vote in the Republican primary to push Cheney over the finish line, as the scant polling in the race shows Hageman well ahead.

“Patriots will put it all on the line to protect our country, and Liz Cheney has done that,” Phillips said. “It’s far more important than any policy differences that we might have, so I ask you to please consider temporarily switching parties and voting for Liz Cheney on or by August 16th.”

Both congressmen directly mentioned Trump by name in their ads, with Malinowski calling him an “extremist.”

“She had the courage to put country over party for all of us,” Malinowski said of Cheney in the ad. “Wyoming Democrats can put country over party, too, by registering to vote for her in the Republican primary. I hope you do.”

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