A Twitter Troll Tried To Take A Shot At Zendaya, Ended Up Insulting Jennifer Connelly As Well

 Zendaya and Jennifer Connelly
Zendaya and Jennifer Connelly

Anyone who regularly peruses social media – and has done so for a while – is probably aware of one simple fact: trolls are going to be trolls. Sadly, there are some across the interwebs who stir up controversy and, in a number of cases, celebrities are involved. This weekend, in fact, one such person attempted to take a shot at Zendaya while making an argument on Twitter. They also brought Jennifer Connelly into the discussion and indirectly insulted her as well. And after you learn what they had to say, you may understand why people weren’t exactly happy with the viewpoint the user was trying to get across.

A social media user known as @CristusVictor took to Twitter on Saturday to post about how they measure attractiveness amongst women. They dropped two photos – one of Zendaya and a classic pic of Jennifer Connelly. (The former starlet is notably shown not wearing makeup.) The person suggests that the Spider-Man star is not “above average attractive,” while also alleging that the supposed standards for beauty have changed in the past few decades:

Any zoomer who thinks right pic is above average attractive doesn't understand that in the 90s, a ‘7’ looked like left pic. Above average" meant something else back then. There'd be like ten girls as or more beautiful than Connelly working at every chain restaurant.

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I think most would agree that there are several things to take note of here. Honestly, by this point, we should probably be well past the days of rating women in such a way. On that note, it’s hard to imagine anyone thinking of Zendaya – who’s in a relationship with Tom Holland – as being anything less than gorgeous. I mean, the Emmy-winning Euphoria star is practically the definition of beauty and grace (on the inside and out). Plus, she also rocks some pretty sweet and edgy looks on the red carpet.

As for Jennifer Connelly, in my humble opinion, she is not – and has never been – a “7.” She was certainly beautiful during the ‘80s and ‘90s and remains so to this day. Anyone who saw her “extraordinary” work in Top Gun: Maverick (which is streamable with a Paramount+ subscription) would probably attest to the latter point. Despite all of this, the Twitter user doubled down on their viewpoint, responding to someone by saying, “No 7s and 8s were just hotter back then.” Though they also claimed that they weren’t aiming to criticize the Dune star with their sentiments:

I’m not trashing her. Just saying she’s what used to be considered average (elevated by apparent personality). I don’t hate zendaya. I’m sure she is nice [girl]

The replies are filled with folks who are unimpressed with this take, with some questioning the notion of an “average” woman. Others are echoing the sentiment that the two women do not need to be rated. People, especially celebrities (both men and women), have been ranked or categorized for some time now, and one would hope that the Internet would drop this habit.

Of course, I’m more than certain that both Zendaya and Jennifer Connelly would be unbothered by any of this – if they’re even aware of the discourse for that matter. Both exude plenty of confidence and, while words can hurt any of us, I’m sure they seem to have developed thick skin over the years. In short, let’s just be kind and keep it classy on social media, guys.