Twitter thinks Peggy Bundy just won ‘Press Your Luck’

Contestant Pam Costa won big on Press Your Luck, Wednesday night. Not only did she win the show and take home almost $130,000 in prizes, but she also won over viewers on Twitter with her stunning similarity to Married With Children character Peggy “Peg” Bundy. There were a few similarities between Pam and Peg, most notably the leopard top they both wore, which was a signature piece for the character. And while their hair color was different, the hair style was also very similar. It is a testament to the success of Married With Children that so many viewers would comment on a character that hasn’t been on television in over 22 years. But apparently the dysfunctional family that graced TV screens for 11 seasons left a lasting impression. And it looks like Pam also left a lasting impression, of Peg. While Pam shares Peg’s love for leopard prints and money, she’s maybe a little more upstanding than the wise cracking, cigarette smoking, stay-at-home mom. Pam is the leadership director at her local charter high school, gets along with her daughter, and has brunette hair - not red. Pam walked away with a shopping spree at Guess, private jet trip to see Cher in Las Vegas, $93,783 in cash for a grand total of $127,123 in cash and prizes.