Twitter reacts to jaw-droppingly weird Rose McGowan interview with Stephen Colbert

Rose McGowan made an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to promote her new book, "Brave," and it got real interesting real quick. The actress and activist, who came out dressed in a bright red-orange hoodie and sneakers, explained that she doesn't like suits because they "make people uncomfortable." McGowan stated, "I think psychologically they make people insane. Your arms are T-Rexed." The conversation eventually turned to Harvey Weinstein when Colbert told McGowan, "Here's the thing about you. Six months ago, before you and other people had the courage and bravery to come out and talk about Harvey Weinstein." However, McGowan interrupted him to clarify. "Mine was a year ago. I was the architect." Colbert then asked her if she ever questioned her own sanity when she discovered she was being surveilled by Mossad agents hired by Weinstein. McGown then went into a full rant, saying, "I just got back from India, and everyone is so colorful, and I came here and saw all these khaki pants and T-Rex things. And I said, 'What is going on?' I think we can do better, societally. I think we can be looser, 10%, have more fun, be better, see more colors, run. Like, what are we doing? It's not working out so well here. Am I wrong? We're like, there's a bus on fire with a mad man, and a blindfold, and everybody is still talking about, like, as if it's nice. It's not nice. It's f***ing weird, right? Whoa! What? Shake it up. Otherwise, we're all maybe going to die sooner than we think. And that's what I think." Viewers quickly took to Twitter to express their thoughts on her eccentric behavior, saying, "Rose McGowan is giving the weirdest interview on The Late Show. I’m so uncomfortable" "OMG Rose Mcgowan is on Colbert and while I feel sorry for what she has been through, she is out of her f-ing mind. Hard to watch." "Bless what #RoseMcgowan went thru but watching her on #Colbert and I’m concerned about her mental health. She’s disjointed, rambling, not tracking. It’s was sad to watch." There was at least one person who thought the interview was totally normal. Great, in fact. McGowan followed up her interview by posting this on Instagram: "Such a delightful mind. rest easy, all. Colbert is as he seems, he is real. You can trust him." Actually, Colbert barely got a word in during the interview and, by the end, he seemed to just accept it.