Twitter is overwhelmed by 'This Is Us' season finale's jaw-dropping ending

The Season 3 finale of This Is Us fast-forwarded to a future we’ve never seen before as the Pearson clan gathered at Kevin’s house to see an ailing, elderly Rebecca who, as it turns out, is the “her” alluded to at the end of season 2.

Many fans speculated that Randall and Beth would divorce after Tess wasn’t ready to see “her” in a flash-forward at the end of last season, and because Beth and Randall had been getting into some pretty gnarly fights in Season 3. But, thankfully, Randall and Beth are still very much together and fans couldn’t be happier.

But not everyone stayed together. Kevin and Zoe broke up because she doesn’t want to have kids, and the ending revealed that in the future, Kevin has a son.

Fans got even more good news: Baby Jack lived.

But fans now have even more questions heading into Season 4 — like why did Toby show up alone, and where’s his wedding ring? Where’s Kate? Toby tells Randall that he talked to Jack and “they’re” on the way, but it’s never specified who’s with Jack. It’s also not revealed who’s the mother of Kevin’s son. And, in a surprise twist, it’s not Miguel sitting by Rebecca’s side. Instead, it’s Jack Pearson’s younger brother, Nicky.

Fans were also left to speculate whether or not Rebecca was suffering from Alzheimer’s because Randall introduces himself to her, something This Is Us creator, Dan Fogelman, counted on, but played coy when asked about it.

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