Twitter can't handle this story of a woman who thought she was 'too old' for a concert, and then it became her 'fondest' memory

A woman recounts on Twitter the time she met a musician and how it became one of her “fondest” memories. (Photo: @ChachiChatters via Twitter)
A woman recounts on Twitter the time she met a musician and how it became one of her “fondest” memories. (Photo: @ChachiChatters via Twitter)

A woman on Twitter took her friend’s daughter out to lunch to celebrate her graduation from college, but the woman was surprised to find out that her friend’s daughter and her friend had bought them all concert tickets. She tried to get out of going with the college-age girls; she told them she was “too old,” and “I don’t want to have a cardiac arrest halfway through.” But they “wouldn’t budge.”

Twitter user Chachi Chatters was talked into tagging along with the girls and had an amazing time singing along to the star of the night. “It’s always amazing when you know the lyrics better than the young ones,” Chachi Chatters said.

Eventually, our fearless concertgoing hero drove the girls back to their dorms, but although she was physically exhausted, her adrenaline was pumping. Plus, she was starving.

She found a pizza joint that was popping. “There was a huge group of people and everyone seemed to know everyone,” she said. She chose a counter seat and placed her order.

And that’s when she met her.

Chachi tried to play it cool while her appetizers came. The nameless person asked her for one of her garlic knots, and she agreed. Chachi declined an offer of the woman’s stromboli, and then a polite conversation ensued.

Chachi didn’t discuss the woman’s fame, but at the end of the night, the singer asked someone in her entourage for a pen, and she took the concert ticket out of Chachi’s hand.

The woman’s storytelling captured an audience on Twitter, who admitted to continuously hitting their refresh buttons to find out who the mysterious performer was.

The performer wrote, “Love, Dolly Parton.”

Dolly Parton then told the master Twitter-storyteller to “drive safe, baby.”

Some days I wake up and still think it was just a dream. Then I walk to the wall and look at the framed ticket. And I still get goosebumps,” the woman wrote. “She called me lovebud, I tell myself. And my day is made.”

The “Jolene” singer-songwriter, whose nonprofit recently gave away its one-millionth book to children and who recently signed with Netflix to make an eight-part series based on her music, often has fans retelling stories of her kindness.

Another Twitter user shared a story from when she was 8 years old. “My sisters and I flew coach (alone) from Dallas to LAX when I was 8 and my oldest sister 14. We heard Dolly was in first class and “bum rushed her” unbeknownst to the flight attendants. When they came to escort us back to our seats, Dolly said no way … they are staying here,” she wrote. Dolly even bought them ice cream sundaes.

Ms. Parton, if you’re reading this, “I will always love you.

Read Chachi Chatter’s story in full here.

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