You won't get a Twitch 2021 recap if you switched off marketing emails

If you hate junk mail, you might have missed out.

Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Like Spotify, Reddit and Nintendo, Twitch is offering users a snapshot of their 2021 activity. Among other stats, Twitch Recap tells users how long viewers watched broadcasts or how much time creators spent playing games for viewers or streaming from their hot tubs this year.

There was a catch, though. Twitch users needed to opt in to marketing emails in advance. "In order to receive the Recap you had to opt-in for marketing emails prior to them being sent," Twitch said on its support Twitter account. "Unfortunately, we aren't able to manually re-send recaps."

Naturally, the replies to that tweet are full of complaints from disappointed folks who didn't realize they'd switched off marketing emails or were unaware they needed to opt in. Others suggested Twitch should have offered the recap on its website and app, as so many other services do.

Twitch is obviously free to send out the recaps in any format it likes, and if it wants users to sign up for marketing emails first, so be it. However, Twitch probably should have communicated that better to users who usually enjoy seeing their recaps and sharing them with others, and who now might have missed out. It could have sent them a notification if they were yet to opt in.

Meanwhile, Twitch shared its own recap. Viewers spent 1.2 trillion minutes watching streamers this year while more than 14 million channels streamed for the first time. It said the top categories was once again Just Chatting (which is self-explanatory), followed by Grand Theft Auto V and all of its roleplayers, League of Legends, Valorant and Minecraft.