‘The Twilight Zone’: The 5 Creepiest Summer Stories

Adam Lance Garcia
·Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Picture, if you will, a day celebrating the birth of a nation. A country known as America. For some this holiday means parades, a day at the beach with the family, barbecue cook-offs, and, of course, fireworks displays.

But for others this holiday means something else. For them, it is a day spent away from the summer heat, hunkered down inside watching a television show nearly 60 years old. For them, July Fourth is a day for a marathon of…The Twilight Zone.

And for those, we present this video listing the five creepiest summertime episodes. From the all-time classic of “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street” to the lesser-known “The Midnight Sun,” we hope to give you a sweltering glimpse of the strange fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man.

There’s a signpost up ahead — and it says Syfy’s The Twilight Zone marathon will begin at midnight ET/PT on July 4.

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