Twenty One Pilots: Who Is Clancy? New Album Name Meaning Explained

Twenty One Pilots: Who Is Clancy? New Album Name Meaning Explained
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Twenty One Pilots‘ latest studio album, ‘Clancy,’ dropped today, May 24. The new wave emo-rap/hip-hop album is already trending and many fans must be wondering who Clancy is in the album title.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new album by Twenty One Pilots.

Why is the new Twenty One Pilots album called ‘Clancy’?

The album name ‘Clancy’ refers to the fictional lore created by the band through their albums.

According to The Mary Sue, on the second anniversary of ‘Scaled and Icy,’ listeners began to find easter eggs on album covers. This occurred when the cover art of previous Twenty One Pilots albums on streaming sites had red tape across them. Soon, fans learned about the lore that the band created through the letters and maps found on the website The URL to this site appeared as an easter egg on the Twenty One Pilots’ store website.

The content of this website shows handwritten letters and journals by a character named Clancy. It also includes maps of the fictional ‘Sacred Municipality of Dema’ within the continent Trench. The announcement of the album name did not surprise some listeners but left many confused. While we saw the beginning of this fictional world with ‘Blurryface’ back in 2015, the album name ‘Clancy’ keeps this legend going or maybe brings it to an end.

Who is Clancy?

Clancy seems to be a character from the fictional world of Dema created by Twenty One Pilots.

Just like Blurryface, Clancy is another character from the land of Dema based in the continent of Trench. As per The Mary Sue, Clancy has discovered a world beyond the confines of the city that he wishes to escape to. In addition, he is also aware of a revolutionary group called the Banditos. Clancy is a citizen of Dema who looks to topple the repressive Blurryface regime. There’s also another interesting theory that Clancy is actually Joseph.

The album is out now and available to stream on all leading streaming services, including Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube Music.

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