Turnstile’s “Holiday” Soundtracks New Taco Bell Nacho Fries Ad: Watch

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Turnstile’s “Holiday” provides the soundtrack for a new Taco Bell advertisement for Nacho Fries.

The commercial sees a group of friends “putting their love of Nacho Fries above all else,” as described in the press release. The jubilant, riff-centric “Holiday” makes a fitting soundtrack for such the desperate fast-food excursion.

If there was any doubt that Turnstile had made it, per se, any skepticism can officially be put to rest. In fact, the Taco Bell ad is a full circle moment for the acclaimed hardcore act. Taco Bell was on the ground floor of the Turnstile explosion, having tapped the band for its Feed the Beat program — which supports touring artists with comp’d meals — way back in 2015.

“Music has long been a part of the Taco Bell DNA,” said Tim Bergevin, Taco Bell’s Vice President of Influencer and Community Marketing Highlighting. “Bands like Turnstile is a great representation of our Feed the Beat program that helps support and amplify culture’s leading artists. Not only does Turnstile kick-off the return of Nacho Fries, they represent the bright future for what we envision will be bigger platforms and even more opportunities for Feed the Beat artists and alumni in 2023.”

Added Jon Landman of Taco Bell’s Music Agency, The Syndicate: “Supporting artists of all genres has been of the utmost importance to Taco Bell through the Feed The Beat program since its inception. We’re so excited to highlight an artist like Turnstile who is creating such a unique sonic landscape. When you hear the riff in ‘Holiday,’ it immediately grabs your attention.”

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The Nacho Fries ad appears to be the beginning of an ongoing partnership between Taco Bell and Turnstile, with the press release teasing: “Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for more ‘TLC’ between Turnstile and Taco Bell.”

Watch the commercial below.

Turnstile’s “Holiday” Soundtracks New Taco Bell Nacho Fries Ad: Watch
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