'Turning Red': Tweens jam out to Billie Eilish- and Finneas-written 'Nobody Like U' in exclusive clip from Pixar's latest

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Prepare for 4*Town Mania.

The quintet (that’s right, there’s five guys in 4*Town) are the hottest boy band in the world, and the ultimate obsession of Mei (voiced by Rosalie Chang) and her three best friends in Turning Red, the latest family adventure from animation giants at Pixar. 4*Town's tour is even about to stop in Toronto where Mei and friends reside.

Only one problem: Mei has been transformed into a giant red panda, the result of her Chinese ancestors' mystic connection with the animal that’s affected all the women in her family tree.

“It’s just some, you know, inconvenient, genetic thingy I got from my mom,” Mei tells her stunned BFFs in the exclusive extended clip above. “It’ll go away… eventually... maybe.”

But will it go away in time for them to see 4*Town?

In the meantime, Mei’s friends cheer her up with their own rendition of “Nobody Like U,” one of 4*Town’s biggest hits — which also happens to be written for the movie by perennial hitmakers (and siblings) Billie Eilish and Finneas.

An appropriate song for the moment: There’s definitely nobody else like Mei, save maybe for her mom (Sandra Oh) and the other women in her clan.

Turning Red premieres Friday, March 11 on Disney+.

Watch the new lyric video for 4*Town’s version of “Nobody Like U”: