Turn any AC into a smart air conditioner with this awesome Amazon find

Maren Estrada
·3 min read

I have a ductless air conditioner unit in my house and ever since I moved in, I was annoyed that it doesn’t have even the most basic smart features like time and temperature-based scheduling. Can you imagine if your central AC didn’t have a thermostat and only worked when you turned it on manually? The mere notion is absolutely ridiculous, and that’s how frustrating it is to have a ductless unit like the one in my home. Thankfully, a few quick Google searches revealed that there are plenty of smart air conditioner controllers out there to add key missing features to ductless and window AC units.

I’ve tried a few different smart AC controllers over the years, and some are better than others. I finally landed on one that was more reliable than most, but it still doesn’t work as intended 100% of the time. It also doesn’t easily integrate with my smart home setup, so there are tons of great automations that I’m missing out on. At least, I was missing out on them until Sensibo reached out and asked if I wanted to test the Sensibo Air smart air conditioner controller.

This simple gadget is the missing link that will drag your window-mounted AC or your ductless AC unit into the modern age. It’s very easy to set up and install, and it lets you control your AC unit with your smartphone instead of with manual controls on the unit or with a clunky old remote. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Perhaps best of all is the fact that the Sensibo Air smart air conditioner controller is compatible with HomeKit and other smart home platforms. That means the possibilities are truly endless! For example, I use SmartThings as my smart home hub, and I was able to configure some great little automations with the Sensibo Air. For example, I have it set so that when a motion detector in my upstairs hallway senses motion between 5:00 AM and 6:00 AM, which is when I wake up, it automatically turns on the heat on my unit. And of course, once winter weather is gone and the summer heat arrives, I’ll switch things up so it turns on my AC. It’s so cool!

The app itself also has plenty of smart rules you can set based on things like temperature, humidity, and even your geolocation, plus you can of course configure time-based schedules as well. It’s truly an awesome gadget that is a must-have for anyone who uses a ductless air conditioner or window AC units. There are also two different versions — the main one and a second option that comes with its own motion detector in case you want those smart features but don’t use a smart home system.

Here are some key details from Sensibo’s listing on Amazon:

  • Works with any room air conditioner or heat pump

  • Easy DIY installation, only plug it to the power

  • The controller works with Apple HomeKit, Alexa, and Google Nest

  • Control from anywhere, monitor temperature

  • 7-day scheduling, geofencing, rules based on temperature & humidity

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