Tucker Carlson's 'Complete Meltdown' Night Captured In Bonkers Supercut

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Tucker Carlson got way too animated on Wednesday, according to a supercut that highlighted his “complete meltdown.” (Watch it below.)

The clip includes the antics of the Fox News host reacting to media dismissal of his report that the United States could be behind the damage to the Nord Stream gas pipelines between Russia and Europe.

Carlson laughed in wild bursts, did accents and looked a little unhinged in the video shared by Twitter user Kat Abu, who writes on her profile that she watches Carlson “so you don’t have to.”

Abu wrote that her coverage “is just another chapter in my regularly-updated saga of Tucker Carlson’s descent into madness.”

You be the judge:

The portion of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that captured many of Carlson’s over-the-top moments begins at 9:05 here:

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.