Tucker Carlson thinks gun buyback program will lead to civil war

On Tuesday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson blasted Democratic presidential candidates for proposing mandatory assault weapon buybacks, while also calling out Walmart for its recent gun reform measures. Carlson accused Walmart of catering to the "activist left" after the retail chain announced earlier Tuesday that it would cut back on ammunition sales and no longer allow customers to carry firearms in stores openly. Walmart's announcement comes in the wake of multiple mass shootings this summer, two of which occurred in a Walmart. In response, Carlson fired back, "Walmart, after having destroyed American retail and made this country much uglier, and empowered the fascist government of China, has a lot of brass lecturing the rest of us about anything at all. They ought to be ashamed of themselves" Carlson then pointed out why Beto O'Rourke's "propagandist" call for mandatory assault weapon buybacks was nonsense. "Americans didn't buy their guns from the government in the first place. They're not buying them back. This is gun confiscation," explained Carlson. After likening the Democrat's buyback policies to gun confiscation, Tucker warned his guest, Democratic strategist Bernard Whitman, of the national threat that comes with backing these mandatory buyback policies. "What you're calling for is civil war. What you are calling for is an incitement to violence," declared Carlson. Carlson accused Democrats of using the recent mass shooting tragedies to make a "power grab" with their gun control policies and questioned their selective response to gun violence in America. "It's not a sincere effort to make this a safer country, which I would welcome. I think mass shootings are horrifying. Nobody is actually serious about trying to fix the problem. Because If you were, you would be every bit as upset about the rest of the shootings that take place which far outnumber of casualties of mass shootings," said Carlson in closing.