Tucker Carlson Says We’re Ignoring the Good Parts of Climate Change

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We should all look on the bright side of global warming, Tucker Carlson argued Thursday night.

During a diatribe on the subject—in which he denied the existence of any human influence on the Earth’s rapid warming, contradicting the vast majority of meteorological and atmospheric scientists—America’s most-watched cable news host said that climate change has “upsides to it and downsides to it.”

Carlson began his monologue not by highlighting a particular cold stretch of weather to express doubt over global warming—something that Donald Trump did in January 2019 and that other climate skeptics have been known to do—but by characteristically bashing public health experts for promoting the COVID vaccine, which he absurdly claimed “did not work.”

Those who urge action to combat climate change, Carlson then argued, have not only been similarly “wrong,” but actually “bullied” skeptics like himself. Carlson also complained that people or scientific organizations who have made specific predictions that never came to fruition were not “held to account.”

“Here, by the way, is Neil deGrasse Tyson—another great predictor of things—saying that by 2014 the Statue of Liberty will soon be underwater,” Carlson said, playing a clip of an MSNBC interview with the famed astrophysicist. There was only one problem: the interview happened in 2014.

Carlson then minimized the impact of global warming—not unlike the way he has downplayed the Jan. 6 insurrection in recent weeks.

“And of course, the climate does change. It has always changed. In fact, the landscape we live in now is formed by climate change. The glaciers are a product of climate change. The climate is changing now. It never stops changing. That’s a process that we didn’t cause and can’t control to any great degree. We will never be able to control [it],” Carlson said.

“And there are upsides to it, and downsides to it,” he continued.

“By the way, if Earth is indeed getting warmer and seems to be, well then that will make more arable land in places like Canada and northern Europe. So, like everything in this life and the temporal world, it’s a mixed blessing. You only hear the downsides, which tells you a lot. It tells you this is not science, it’s manipulation. These aren’t reports from the experts, these are threats.”

“So the question is: Why are we still being bullied by these people?” he huffed. “It has nothing to do with saving the Earth. They hate the Earth. They hate nature!”

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