Tucker Carlson Says It’s ‘Overwhelmingly Likely’ Biden Will Win Then Immediately Resign (Video)

Tucker Carlson on Sunday predicted that if Joe Biden won the presidential election it’s “overwhelmingly likely” the Democrat would quickly step aside so his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, would assume the presidency.

Carlson, in a bonus Sunday show that anticipates the absence of Fox News’ primetime lineup during Tuesday night’s election coverage, made a series of remarkable, and mostly unsubstantiated claims. “No one is more pleased that this thing is finally ending than Joe Biden. The whole experience has been exhausting for him,” Tucker said at the beginning of the episode, before doing the usual right-wing routine about Biden hiding from the public.

Then Tucker, whom a judge recently ruled is not a credible source of news, discussed possible plans for Biden should he win the election.

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“From the beginning, Biden’s handlers have bet big that this race is not about him, it’s only about Donald Trump, the incumbent. From their perspective, the perspective of people who run the Democratic Party, the nominee could have been anyone just as long as it wasn’t an economic populist like Bernie Sanders who would scare their donors,” Tucker said, without evidence.

“Joe Biden was fine, whatever, just don’t think about it and don’t ask questions. Orange man bad. Vote. That’s been the entire campaign.”

Tucker then said that’s it’s overwhelmingly likely that Biden will win — and then immediately abandon the office of the presidency.

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“Will things really calm down and return to normal if we elect Joe Biden? That’s the hope, but would Joe Biden actually be the president? How much of his term would he really serve?” Tucker asked rhetorically, without any evidence to support this line of discussion.

“Come on, let’s be real about it. And if Biden did get elected and then stepped aside, which seems overwhelmingly likely, what then? Who exactly is this Kamala Harris? Or is it ‘Kamala’?” Tucker asked, mocking Sen. Harris’s name by intentionally mispronouncing it on the second mention, as he has often done over the past few months.

This completely and utterly baseless idea that Harris is the actual presidential candidate here is one that originated the week she was announced as Democratic vice presidential candidate. Tucker then repeated a different lie that right-wingers have been using constantly since that week.

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“We know she’s radical. Her views are far out of step with the mainstream in this country. That’s not rhetoric, it’s a talking point, it’s measurable. Look at the polls, compare them to what she says she believes,” Carlson said, wrongly. In truth, Harris is closer to being a moderate than a true radical.

Tucker then mentioned that, maybe, the small groups of Trump supporters that clogged roadways this weekend in a few places around the country might be an indicator that Trump has more support than people think. Though those groups combine to represent only a very tiny fraction of a percentage of the hundreds of millions of eligible American voters

“Certainly, if enthusiasm is any measure, Donald Trump has a real shot of reelection. Massive impromptu parades of Trump voters broke out in Florida. California, Arizona. Texas in New York over the weekend,” Tucker said.

But then Carlson admitted that those “parades” actually don’t mean anything.

“That was everywhere all over the country. What does that up to? It’s far from scientific, that’s for sure.”

You can watch the quoted portion of Sunday’s episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” in the video embedded up at the top of this article.

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