Tucker Carlson cuts into live Biden speech in an attempt to show mental decline but it backfires

On Thursday’s Tucker Carlson Tonight, Carlson opened the show referencing a recent Politico article highlighting how the Trump administration allegedly pressured the FDA to rush the COVID vaccines. Carlson pretended to blame the former president for any perceived side effects, in this case, mental decline. But Carlson was actually still blaming Democrats for supporting use of the vaccines, and was just trying to push the narrative that President Joe Biden is struggling with his mental state.

“Look at that man. Donald Trump’s vaccine did that to him. Four shots, a human pin cushion, now a desiccated husk,” Carlson said after showing video of Biden announcing he’d tested positive for COVID. “Before he took Donald Trump’s vaccine, that man was spry, filled with vigor and vim, famous for his mental acuity. Look at him now.”

Fox News personalities have seemed to revel in even the smallest gaffe by Biden, showing a clip on nearly every show, which Carson seemed to acknowledge when he said they’d go live to a rally in Maryland at which the president was speaking.

“And in case you think, oh, maybe we’re overstating the case when this is just a bad video, we’re gonna take you now to a live shot of that same man to give you some sense of the long term effects of Donald Trump’s vaccine.”

In the clip Carlson showed, Biden spoke about a handful of legislators and issues, including Social Security, which some Republicans in Congress expressed interest in cutting. Though Carlson cut to the rally too late to hear exactly what Biden was saying, he appeared to say something about not leaving Social Security in the hands of people like Republican Sen. Ted Cruz and Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. But there was no gaffe. So Carlson asserted that the president said something that he did not say.

“Marjorie Taylor Greene controls Social Security? It doesn’t make sense,” Carlson said after the clip. “The compassionate person in you feels for that man because you know what happened to him. He took Donald Trump’s vaccine.”

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